Advanced Pistol Draw Class

Advanced Pistol Draw Class

Range Times advanced pistol draw class is the 3rd step of training for pistol draw. This is a 5-student max class. This is a physical class, with the student demonstrating tactical movements and gun control.

The prerequisite classes that needed to be taken before signing up for this class

  • Basic Pistol Draw ( Outside Waist Band )
  • Inside the Waist Band Pistol Draw ( Inside Waist Band )

Now that you know how to draw your pistol either from OWB or IWB, this class will have you taking those skills and applying them in real-life scenarios.

This is a 2-hour class.
The First Hour will be force-on-force scenarios. We will be using Orange Barrel Umarex Glock 19X airsoft guns and face shields supplied by Range Time. These airsoft guns shoot at Please bring a thick sweatshirt, Cargo pants/jeans, a Tact belt, electronic ear protection, and Safety Glasses.

The last hour will be live fire, running each student one at a time with an instructor using their own weapons, holsters, Mag holsters, and 50 rounds of ammo. Please bring weapons unloaded and in a range bag or case.

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