Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How old do you have to be to throw and axe or knife?

A. 12 years old, identification is required.

Q. What should I wear to throw axe and knives?

A. We require closed-toe shoes, but otherwise dress comfortably.

Q. Are spectators allowed in the Axe & Knife throwing area?

A. No, only waiver-signed players are allowed.

Q. Is there training available for axe & knife throwing?

A. We provide a 5-minute orientation for each group prior to the session. We will also be offering more detailed classes for both axe and knife throwing as well.

Q. Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Yes, we do. They are available in any amount from $5-$1,000 and can be used towards merchandise, guns, lane time, axe & knife throwing, and classes.
They are available for purchase in our Retail Shop at the range.

Q. Do you offer discounts for law enforcement or military?

A. Yes, we offer a HERO Membership for active military, veterans, law enforcement, EMT, Firefighters, and First Responders (verification is required).

Q. When is the last call for renting a lane?

A. One hour prior to close.

Q. Can I bring bottled water or snacks to the range?

A. No, food or drinks are not allowed.

Q. What is the process for buying a firearm online from another state?

Have the transferring FFL email a copy of their FFL license to [email protected] with the email subject: Attn: Firearms Transfer (your name), (phone number).
Range Time will call you when the firearm has been received and is ready for you to complete your 4437 form and pickup your firearm.

Q. How much does it cost to use the range?

One-hour lane/range time for one person
Member Price: Free
Non Member Price: $25

Guest fee (share lane with another person)

Member Price: $15

Non Member Price: $25

Eyes and ears rental (not available during COVID restrictions)

Member Price: $2

Non Member Price: $5

Eyes rental (not available during COVID restrictions)

Member Price: $1

Non Member Price: $2

Ears rental (not available during COVID restrictions)

Member Price: $1

Non Member Price: $2

Firearm rental

Member Price: Varies

Non Member Price: Varies


Member Price: Varies

Non Member Price: Varies

Electronic hearing ear rental 

Member Price: $5.00

Non Member Price: $5.00

Safety glasses

Member Price: $3.00

Non Member Price: $3.00

Q. Are children allowed?

A. Children aged 12 and up are welcome and may utilize the range with parental supervision. Individuals must be 18 years old to utilize the range without supervision.

Q. Am I allowed to bring a holster?

A.No pull from the holsters, gear bags only.

Q. How many guns can I bring in the range?


Q. Can I bring an 80 percent lower?


Q. What type of safety equipment do I need?

A. Outer ear, safety glasses, closed toed shoes, hats are recommended but optional. Outer ear and safety glasses are available for rent or purchase.

Q. Can I bring my own ammo?

A. Yes. Factory rounds only. The following are not allowed: reload, armor piercing, and tracers. All ammo brought to Range Time will be inspected.

Q. Can I reclaim my brass casings?

A. No, brass reclaiming is not allowed for safety reasons.

Q. Can I bring an automatic weapon?

A. Yes, If you are approved from your license state. Must show identification to have weapon to range counter before entering.

Q. Can I bring an antique, specialty or other type of gun into the range that isn’t fully functioning?

A. All fire arms must be in working condition. Home-made firearms are not allowed. All firearms must contain serial numbers.

Q. How many people can use one lane?

A. Two maximum.

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