Womens / Teens Self Defense Class

Womens / Teens Self Defense Class

Take any “every day” situation or scenario….

  • You are in the parking lot of your local shopping center / grocery store and are approached by a stranger who is up to NO GOOD!
  • You are a real estate agent showing a house to someone who really is not interested in the home—but YOU!
  • You are dropping the evening bank deposit off from your business and are confronted!
  • You are walking to your car after a good workout at the local gym and someone is standing by your car.

It doesn’t matter…. Unfortunately, you must be prepared to defend yourself, or better yet your loved ones, in a situation that could present itself at anytime WITHOUT warning.

You will learn a no nonsense, common sense approach to self defense. By using your “natural weapons” and attacking “natural targets” while keeping a cool head, it could make a difference between life and death.

This power-packed program is designed to help you “get away”, not necessarily “conquer”. Course content includes defense for attacks from many angles including front and back, punches, pushes, wall attacks, chokes, bearhugs as well as concepts for ground defense. It also covers awareness of your surroundings, personal space and distance, avoiding confrontations and general concepts to keep you safe.

A MUST for any woman looking to enlighten herself on defensive tactics for everyday confrontational situations – which can occur to ANYONE at ANYTIME. For women and teenage girls… this is a great program for general self defense, a dating situation “gone wrong” or for those times when you are out alone or with your children.

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