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Sig Sauer, M400, DH3, AR 223 Wylde 16″


Sig Sauer, M400, DH3, Semi-automatic, AR, 223 Wylde, 16″ Stainless Barrel, Natural Aluminum Finish, DH3 Adjustable Competition Stock, 2 Stage Adjustable Timney Daniel Horner Signature Trigger, Low Profile 3-Gun Handguard, 30 Rounds, 1 Magazine

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After two full years of competitive shooting with SIG SAUER’S SDI Comp Rifle, Team SIG’s Daniel Horner has refined the platform to meet his competition needs and developed the ultimate 3-Gun rifle, the new M400-DH3 from SIG Custom Works. The first-ever rifle from SIG Custom Works features full-ambi controls with the new SIG-designed ambi bolt-catch and bolt-release, a Timney DH3 Two-Stage Trigger, a custom DH3 Adjustable stock, fluted stainless 223 Wylde barrel (for optimal 5.56 and 223 Rem performance) and a 3 Chamber Compensator for muzzle rise reduction. The new M400-DH3 from SIG Custom Works gives you the same competitive edge and the same rifle used by 10-time 3 gun champion Daniel Horner.

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