About Axe & Knife Throwing

Channel your inner Paul Bunyan and experience the thrill of throwing an axe or knife. This primitive form of recreation is as simple as it gets – just you, your axe or knife, and the target. Come with your friends, family, bachelorette group, birthday party, or co-workers and have a blast while letting off some steam!

Range Time has six indoor climate-controlled, seven-yard lanes. Each lane accommodates up to 4 people and prior to your session you will receive a 5-minute orientation. If your group is larger than 4 people or you would like to reserve one of our party rooms in addition to your lanes, we require a reservation and deposit. Participants must be 18 years or older and proof of age is required.

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Axe & Knife Throwing

Each player will get 3 knives or one axe.

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